Friday, October 24, 2008

Gotta Love Computers - NOT!!!

So there we were, Monday morning. Opening up the store getting ready for a busy week with a list a mile long. Switch on the computers AND .........
The rest is history. Who knows where all the information went, all our important data and files full of facts??!!

Luckily, many of the important files (things we can't do without) like myob, word documents etc were all backed up - but with two crashed computers we couldn't access any of them.

It really does put into perspective how much we rely on our computers and how much interaction is done on the Internet these days!

It has taken us until now to get sorted and get everything up and running again. With the help and support from some very talented people we are now back online!!!

SO... if anyone has sent us an email in the last week and is wondering why we haven't replied, please forgive us - we lost you!! And for those people that sent emails that we did manage to retrieve, we promise we will reply to you by the end of the weekend - please accept our apologies!!

Anyway, we have a lot to catch up on. In amongst all of this chaos, there has been a lot going on - so stay tuned, we will be blogging quite a bit in the next few days to catch you all up!!!

Thanks for your patience!!

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