Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Of Us Says Farewell !!!!!

We are very sad to let you know that as of 15th May, Tracey will no longer be working in the store!

We are sure you are all reeling in the shock at this thought and we can assure you that it took us several days to come to terms with the fact that we would no longer be greeted by Tracey in the morning with her McDonald's Cup of Coffee and smiley face.... However, we do need to assure you all that she is not totally going. Tracey will still be teaching classes (all of which are so popular), working the odd Moonlight and 12 Hour Scrap and popping in lots!

Then why????? We hear you say.

We thought Tracey could explain it the best.......
(This has been cut and paste from Tracey's blog)

"Sorry I haven't been posting much lately but my mind has been on many other things.Over the last 3 or so months life has been pretty busy and things are just getting more crazy and I am just finding it all a bit hard to fit ti all in. The more crazy part of my life happens when my kids get home from school, you know the after school stuff, sports, swimming, scouts etc and working till 5pm makes this difficult and I have to rely on other people. Also my hubby hours at work are changing all the time which just adds to the chaos. With all this in mind I will no longer be working in the shop at Tomorrow's Memories. This decision was a very hard one for me and one that I did not want to make and one I didn't like making. Working with Jo, Vicki & Clori has been an honour and an absolute delight. They aren't what I call bosses, they are more like friends so to tell them of my decision was heart breaking. Telling all the amazing girls that I work with there as well was just as hard. Not many people get to work in their dream job and not many get to do a job that they can really say they love but I did and I am very grateful for that. I will miss many things at the shop but none more so than the wonderful customers I get the amazing opportunity to see and chat to everyday. But never fear I am not leaving totally (had you there for a minute didn't I), anyway what would you do without me LOL. I am still going to be teaching and helping out with moonlights etc. so you don't get to get rid of me that quickly."

We hope you will all join us in supporting Tracey and wishing her all the best for the next part of her journey and help us make the next couple of weeks a really happy time as she departs from ONLY one part of her relationship with us here at Tomorrow's Memories.

We luv you Tracey xxx

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