Friday, April 27, 2012

We are so, so sorry!

For those of our wonderful customers who have been receiving a dump of emails from our server.... Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to rectify this. 
We understand that it is very frustrating and we do not take this issue lightly. 
We have been working 24/7 to try and fix this.  For those of you that still received emails yesterday... this is apparently because there was a loop in the system. They were not fresh emails being sent from us!  We have now disabled our old mailer server so there is no way that anyone should now receive dumped emails as that server no longer exists.
Could we just ask for your patience for a little longer please - we are very confident that we have resolved the problem but are still doing some final testing just to make sure it is sorted once and for all.
We really do apologise! 
In the mean time, we continue to set up a new mail server which we obviously want to make sure is reliable as we have some very exciting news for May that we want to relay to our valuable customers next week. 
We promise to make it up to you with a wonderful birthday month in May... You won't be disappointed!
Thanks for your continued support.
Jo, Vicki & Clori xxx

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The twins mum said...

Seems to have been fixed on my side Thanks gals