Monday, May 20, 2013


We Would like to welcome our new Design Team Members and returning Design Team Members to the Team.  We are very excited to have you all join our family.  Its going to be a very exciting year!

Introducing our Design Team Members: 

International Design Team:

Natasha Naranjo Aguirre - USA

Shanna Shands  - USA

Local Design Team:

Jennifer Waugh

Louise Beerens

Nancy Winters

Returning Design Team:

Mel Connell
Mistra Hoolahan
Sonya Thair
Kim Dragovic
Evana Willis
Tracey Holdyk
Alyssa Rowe
Anne-Marie Cox
Lennie Pelich


Rebecca Beattie said...

what a line up! Congrats girls, it is the BEST team to be part of xxx

Shanna Shands said...

I am so excited to be on the team!