Monday, December 22, 2014

Let it go?

Hi, Rikki here today with a little share show casing the lovely Your Creative Wings Chipboard. 
Who can go past NEW Chipboard and especially ones inspired for this festive season..... 

Or in this case for the Frozen OBSESSED, Elsa /Anna loving, all singing, all dancing, theater actor 4 year old's in your life!!!!! 

Maybe I should LET IT GO!!!! 

 To start something like this use your Prima Art Basic Texture Paste though any stencil and allow it to dry naturally dont rush the process with a heat gun......

Now dont be scared spray your cardstock with water and I mean a lot of water!!!!!! Till the page is super soggy and even spray the back of it as well.... this will stop some of the paper warping when your trying to blend the colours together.

 Now mist away or even use  paint brush and go nuts with colour...... move the page around to bleed colours together...... when your happy leave it to dry over night. This will allow the paper fibers to shrink back at the same rate and will keep your warping to a minimum.

Now your proberly wondering why I said leave the texture paste to dry naturally..... I have found when doing this heavy water technique it will lift the texture paste away from the cardstock.

Now you just have to pick the perfect photo, and colour the Your Creative Chipboard and your done. If your feeling brave why not try this with the kids just make sure you have paper towels handy.

If your looking for supplies head into the shop and grab some today.

Till next time, have a creative day

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