Monday, September 29, 2008

A Very Proud Mum!

Friday was the last day of the school term for our children and my daughter Grace was performing in a Talent Show at her school. It was her choice to audition and she chose her dance, music and costume!

She was excited all week - and I must say that I was a little nervous for her because she is only seven after all - and the concert was in front of the whole school!

SO here she is - my baby (where did the last 7 years go)!!

I was SO proud of HER.
Her confidence... Her innocence... Her excitement... and her willingness to give things a go.
I just had to share this proud moment with you all!
Jo :)


suzitee said...

She does look so VERY grown up, doesn't she? You SHOULD be proud...what a wonderful achievement!

texmorg said...

Thanks for sharing, the photos are gorgeous, they grow up so quickly time just goes so fast.
XX Linda

Kris said...

What a gorgeous girl!!

Sharon Manning said...

A little nervous!!!!!!!!! If you are anything like me then you were alot nervous! Another dancer in the making?
You have every right to be proud Jo.