Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hello from Sydney!!

Just wanted to pop a few photos up on the blog from our family holiday. We are having a great time in Sydney and spent the day at Bondi Beach today...far too cold and windy for a swim but we still had a great day!!

Don't you just love what a fresh seabreeze can do for the hair....

Georgia taking shelter from the wind, wearing her new Bondi hat!

Lucas and Jacob trying to catch Ralph...

Got to go now...we have a few more days in Sydney and are trying to work out how to fit everything in!!!
Bye for now....Vicki xxx


Kris said...

Heeeeellllllllo Vicki... Looks like you are having a great time in Sydney... All hell's broken loose over here and I have overtaken the shop while you are away... ha ha aha.. Just Kidding!! Hope you are enjoying your break away with your family!!

Jo Kay said...

The photos look great Vicki - glad you are all having a wonderful holiday (well deserved!!!!).
Hope the muscles are getting better after the bridge climb!!
Tell Georgia I love her hat!
Jo x

suzitee said...

Hey there Vicki! Great to hear you are having a fantastic time...don't forget to come back!