Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Proud Mum Moment!

Jack has always loved reading, but it wasn't until this year when he joined the
"Young Writers" club at his school that I was able to enjoy some of his writing too.
His time in the club culminated last week with the Book Launch and signing of
"A Book For Boys" written by the 10 young men in the club.

I am so very proud of Jack - not only because he is now a published author!,
but because he showed commitment and determination to get the job done
(even when the job got tough!!!)
and it's those values that have made me realise.......
my baby boy is growing up - fast!!!

Thanks for sharing this Proud Mum moment with me!!
Jo x:)


Kris said...

Congratulations Jo!! That is def. a very proud Mum moment.. You are raising a young boy who is going to grow into a wondeful man, with your love and guidence..
(that was a bit deep wasn't it..LOL)

suzitee said...

You have every right to have a proud Mummmy moment! I can't wait till Riley opens his copy so that I can read it (it's under the Christmas tree LOL).Congratulations to Jack, and also his parents :)