Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Before Christmas, one of our customers Naomi came into the shop to get some supplies to take on a trip to Cambodia. Naomi and her family were travelling to Cambodia to visit an orphanage where they were going to teach the children how to make cards.

After chatting with Naomi, we realised that we could help by donating some extra cutters that we had in our classroom which would hopefully help the children achieve a "professional"
look for their cards.

Naomi visited us when she got back from her trip and told us that the children were so excited when they saw the cutters and lined up to have turns "sliding the blade across the paper." The children were so happy and proud of the cards they made and
"the smiles on their faces were huge!"

The cards the children produced were used to start a business!!

Thanks Naomi for giving us the opportunity to help and to realise that it really is
the little things that can make such a difference to other peoples lives.

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suzitee said...

What a lovely story...thank you for sharing with us xxx
The photos say it all really, and I have to agree-sometimes it really is the little things that make life sweet!