Saturday, July 9, 2011

Look Who's Coming Back!!!

As most of you know, we have lost our lovely Julie as a teacher here at Tomorrow's Memories as she has moved on to full time employment.  Don't worry though because Julie is still on our Design Team so she will not be disappearing altogether!!  
Julie has done such a wonderful job of teaching our "Cardmakers Tea Party" classes and we will miss her heaps!

But look who's back...
We are so, so excited to announce that Tracey is coming back to teach our "Cardmakers Tea Party" series and it is wonderful to have her back.

Tracey's first class will be teaching the August "Cardmakers Tea Party" class so keep an eye out for the details but here is a sneak peak!! (copied from Tracey's blog)  
This is a stunning class so book in quickly 
because we guarantee you won't be disappointed!!

Welcome back Tracey - we missed you xx

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Tracey said...

You make me feel all warm and fuzzy. So excited to be coming back and so look forward to catching up with everyone.