Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our DT girls have had a challenge this month....
The challenge was to design a project pack using just paper!  

You will see some fabulous examples of what you can create using these kits and they are so well priced. 
Don't forget you get an image in each pack and a list of any extra requirements needed to complete the project.
(The more detailed projects have instructions).
There are also some more challenging projects to keep you creating in this cold weather!

'Picture Perfect'
Designed by: Mel Connell

'Mini Me'
Designed by: Louise Beerens

'Hope Dreams'
Designed by: Mistra Hoolahan

Designed by: Sonya Thair

Designed by: Louise Beerens

'Fanciful Flourish'
Designed by: Mistra Hoolahan

'Happy Birthday'
Designed by: Sonya Thair

Designed by: Anne-Marie Cox

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